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Reminders from the DPW

TRASH SCHEDUE for the Village of Jordan - FRIDAYS

2019 Saturday collection dates due to holidays are as follows:
June 1st instead of May 31st
July 6th instead of 5th
September 7th instead of 6th
November 23rd instead of 22nd
December 28th instead of 27th

Please refrain from disposing products labeled as "flushable" down the toilet. These products include "flushable wipes". Packaging must include the term "biodegradable" for it to qualify as a flushable product. Other products cause frequent additional maintenance on our sewer system.

ALL GARBAGE must be bagged in a clear garbage bag and tagged with a Village of Jordan pink garbage sticker. Residents are allowed to use bags up to 30 gallons and cannot exceed 30 pounds. One sticker must be securely attached to each bag, regardless of bag size. We recommend wrapping the sticker around the bag handles to avoid stickers from being removed or falling off during the colder months.

GARBAGE STICKERS can be purchased for $2.00 each from the village office M-F, 8:30am-4:30pm, OR from Wheeler's Farm  and Family Dollar during their normal business hours.

ALL RECYCLABLES should be placed in blue bins provided by OCRRA or in clear garbage bags. Blue bins may be obtained from the village office free of charge, as well as a complete list of items OCRRA accepts for recycling. There is no additional charge for recycling pick-up.